Blasts from the Past: Back When Masks Were Fun!

Do you need some relief from the continuous return of masks-on-your-face-every-winter? Time to travel back to better times, when hugs were plentiful and masks were fun, colorful and completely voluntary. Do you want more Blasts from the Past? We highly recommend Blasts from the Past: Roskilde 2008 if you miss those festival vibes…. and Blasts […]

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Blasts from the Past: Distorted Afternoons

You might remember the collection of blasts from the past on day 6 of JUngLEkalenderen, focusing on the Pirate Party Pack boat party on the 4th of June 2006 – Blasts from the Past: Pirate Party Pack. This all took place during the 2006 edition of the Distortion festival. Which means that that weekend was (not surprisingly) […]

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Blasts from the Past: The 4Ward Show

Day 4, and the time travelling can only go to one place: The 4Ward Show 2004! What’s that? – you say? More time travelling magic? Yes. At that time, I was editor in chief at the magazine Citadel, in which we wrote about all the coolest stuff happening in Copenhagen, and once a year we […]

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