The playful festival of the future


Not many years ago, the ideas spawning at a festival like Boom, which is held every second year under the scorching sun in Portugal, would be too hippie-esque for the mainstream audience. Not so much anymore, where everything is about sustainaiblity, ecology, leave-no-trace and maker culture. Big commercial festivals like Roskilde Festival look to Boom for inspiration.

I wrote an article about the otherworldly time-distorting scorcher of a festival. It starts out like this:
“Scorpions. I don’t ususally think about those creatures on my way to a festival. But I do on my way to Boom. Scorpions and heat”. You can read the entire article in Danish published on here:Prisbelønnet økofestival i Portugal. ““The grandest hippie dreams of a new and more harmonic life on planet earth didn’t die out with the 60s. They are alive and well on the festival Boom in Portugal“.

Playfulness abound. You could watch this guy for hours:


More playfulness and so much room. How about a kaleidoscopic adventure inside af big fish?


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