The Present: Jungle Dawn

jungle pandora
Day 24 of the JungLE Calendar – it’s PRESENT TIME!

I shall keep this short and sweet today, people, because it’s Christmas, and we shouldn’t be hovering over our smartphones for too long today, now should we.

So here’s the present, let’s unwrap it.

It’s a sports thing!
Something for your bodies and your spirits, people. I’ve been doing all kinds of sports throughout my life, and of all the branches of sports I have explored, the most fun and fulfilling one has in many ways been dancing. Wakeboarding is out of this world fun, too, but there’s quite a lot of water involved, so I will leave that one out of the picture for the moment.

Raving to jungle is a sport in itself. As I have previously written, dancing to jungle has never just been about fun for me (although it certainly IS fun). It’s just as much about the physical challenge of it, and the zen-like meditation state it delivers when done right. (You can read more about that in Being a Junglist: Going to London.) Jungle is really good for running, too, and just in every way an extremely motivational kind of music.

Join the Jungle Dawn! It’s bouncy!
So here it is: No more longing for those oldskool jungle sounds. No more grinding your teeth to soul-destroying eurodance in the spinning class. No more wondering if the music in your gym actually harms your brain. This is where jungle raving meets every day workouts (but with a twist). This is dancing in the morning to get happier. This is where you can keep fit in a fun way that lifts your spirits, too.

Unwrap the present. It´s JUNGLE DAWN! «— This is where you join.

Like the facebook page and invite anyone you think would be happy to join and bounce along. Anyone who wants their molecules warmed up in the nicest possible way. Everyone who wants more bounce. And everyone who hungers for the tribal beats of jungle.

And now, when you have read the important message below, go do all those Christmassy things! Massive junglistic hugs and enthusiastic kisses (you know what they look like by now!) and a merry Christmas to you all!

What will you do without the JUngLEkalender?
Don’t be sad. Not too sad, anyway. You will be happy to know that there will be a Special JUngLEkalender Surprise. Scroll down a few inches and Follow the JUngLE Calendar via email if you want to make sure that you don’t miss it. I promise it will entertain you wildly.

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