Blasts from the Past: Back When Masks Were Fun!

Do you need some relief from the continuous return of masks-on-your-face-every-winter? Time to travel back to better times, when hugs were plentiful and masks were fun, colorful and completely voluntary.

Oh, the happy days of voluntary masking! The golden memories!
So this is what it looked like, back in those days ages ago when putting on a mask meant something completely different than in 2020 and 2021: That you were planning to have a lot of fun!
Sometimes you would wear a mask just to match your birthday cake, color coordination style. Such surplus in the old days!

Back in the day: Black-and-white mask for the Coma party.
Today: Black-and-white thinking.
Super old pic from back when being inside a horror movie was something we did for halloween, not in everyday life.
(PS: Spot all the horror movies featured here in our party group!)
Visionary Icelandic designer introduces some proper face masks at the Citadel 4wardshow in Vega – 2005.
Proper futuristic vibes.
We DID have the feeling of looking into the future at the 4WARD show! Definitely! That was the entire point. But I truly didn’t imagine that it would be 15 years into the future.

(But then I also thought that the digitalized dystopia run by global corporations would mainly exist in my cyberpunk books by William Gibson & co).
Obviously, ravers have always been good at wearing masks for fun (and time-traveling).
This could be from a rave in 1993. It could also be a Coma time capsule from 2011.
I shall not reveal the truth.
A mask can be many things. The possibilities are endless. Just follow that inner vision, however weird or complicated it seems, and express yourself. We are multi-dimensional beings. Being boring is the only weird choice.
This is at Henry’s Dream, 2013.
OR you could go for the masculine basic just-cover-the-mouth-and-nose look.
This is Lewis, predicting the future at Ohoi’s 2-year birthday bash.
Back in the old days, 14 years ago, some people liked their face masks to be glittery and fun.
With eye-lashes and feathers for extra keep-your-distance oomph.
Some people went for the minimalist rubber mask/superhero look. Nico Defrost, Warehouse9, 2009.
Back then, masks were shaped so that you could eat and drink while wearing them.
Hugging people was also quite a common thing back then.
Some masks were even SWITCHED and worn by several different people in one night! The mayhem!
Wearing a mask meant that people could approach you and get up close and personal. How things change.
Some people just painted the mask straight on to their face.
Some people painted the masks straight onto their face and then added a little extra glitter and layers of tull, just for fun.
Some people only liked to wear a very temporary, hand-held mask.
…while other people went for the full-body mask. With a twist.
The Jungle Monster chose to wear a temporary, hand-held mask made out of adamantium that can be re-used as frisbee weapons in case the evening turned into some hardcore ninja style challenge later on.
Some people choose to cover their entire bodies. A very safe and fun option. This is Fusion, The Trance Floor, 2013.
Zombies are allowed to wear only half a face mask. When you think about it, this is great for everyone’s safety. Imagine if all zombies were wearing full face masks. How would you know they were zombies? You wouldn’t – until it was too late.
This could easily be a zombie, and no one would know. Full face mask on and ready for MAYHEM on the dance floor. Danger, danger!
For a relaxed moment of No Mask, this style looks soooooooo much better than the below-the-chin 2020 look.
If you HAVE to take off your medical face mask in an I-will-be-wearing-this-soon-again-kind-of-way, do it like this:
Casually worn around the neck, in style.
Young woman does not wear her mask properly and stares death straight in the face.
We COULD brighten 2020 up a bit if we got more creative with the masks, though.
Would be tons of more fun if masks looked like this!
This is Svingsen showing off her big eyes in a classy jester costume.
She is off to the Coma party, obviously.
And so are these two. Obviously, these masks would be a GREAT choice for 2020.

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Enjoy your time travels and photos of people having fun in the past. Good thing we have a time machine, people!

PS: Surprise ending: In the true spirit of JUnGLEkalenderen, The Ultra Special One Off Edition will expand into a 3…2…1-countdown, ending on my birthday, probably. (It’s 2020, prepare for anything). So see you tomorrow, people.

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