Slowmotion Explosion: A progress video of my newest painting

40 hours of work in one minute!

I have made a stop motion video of my work on my newest acrylic painting, Slowmotion Explosion. (Acrylic on canvas, 60×60 cm):


What you see in the video below is the entire process from the empty canvas and the very first pencil sketchings to the finished painting.

The painting is inspired by the patterns and visions formed inside my head during a session with closed eyes in front of the incredible cyberdelic light machine, the Lucia No3.

My first meeting with the light machine was at the Breaking Convention conference at Greenwich University (here’s my article on the conference). Some months later, I was invited to meet up once again with the inventors of the light machine to test out some new functionalities (THANK YOU).

One and a half month after that, on Dec 31st, the painting was done.

Below: The progress video (press play). Soundtrack: Threesixty by Pan-Pot.



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