Which one of my hand-painted yoga mats is perfect for you?

Finally a group photo! – of my three hand-painted yoga mats. They are all available in my shop at Feel free to reach out with any questions – here, or on Residents of Copenhagen? Place your orders by email. Which one is for you? Here are some keywords: To the right: Endless Summer 🔥 Fire, […]

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My first hand-painted yoga mat is now available in the shop!

I think most yoga mat designs are too bland and too boring. So I have decided to design my own. And here it is. I have painted the design by hand (with paint brushes and acrylics on canvas). Afterwards, the painting has been printed onto the mat. The yoga mat is now for sale! – for 699 […]

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My Cosmic Happiness Generator

My Cosmic Happiness Generator is done!   This is 40 x 80 centimeters of cosmic pinball vibes, shaped like a yoga mat. Drawing symmetrically like this is in fact very much like yoga. Unbalances will reveal themselves. But patience yields results. Signed, limited prints are available on

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