Aztec Challenge – a self-portrait and a challenging journey

My newest piece is done! Here it is.

aztec challenge 1MB.jpeg

There’s a lot of travel adventures in this one – of looking at ancient Mexican pyramids and diving into deep and mysterious caves and finding the way out again. It’s also very much a self-portrait and a compilation of the events of 2017 – a difficult and colorful year.

The title of the drawing is Aztec Challenge, named after one of the first computer games I ever played – and old Commodore 64 favourite. I thought the name was just perfect for this piece in so many ways.

Limited prints are available here: Aztec Challenge on Shopify

Aztec Challenge. 56 x 71 cm. (White border 3 cm). Ink and pencil on paper. Limited edition print. Signed. This piece took 84 hours to complete and was completed in February 2018. Price for signed and limited print: 1900 dkk.

For framed version or other requests, get in touch directly at

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