Throwback Thursday: Early Experiments

christina tegning 11 år 2

I recently found a sketchbook in the basement filled with drawings that I did from when I was 8 ’til I was 12 years old. There were a lot of drawings inspired by “Havoc in Heaven” (the Chinese cartoon ‘The Monkey King’) and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, but there were also an entire series of drawings where I experiment with drawing tiny stuff as if seen through a microscope. They are all very colourful and psychedelic.

Here is one I did when I was 11:

christina tegning 11
Another classic from when I was 11 (I have ceremoniously given it the title “The World Seen Through the Glasses of the Wizard!”, written in purple filt pen next to the drawing, including the exclamation mark. This technique actually looks a lot like a part of a painting I’m working on at this very moment. (!) Food for thought.

tegning troldmandens briller 11 år

And another from when I was 11:
Tegning Christinamajcher 11 år

This one I did when I was 8:
christina tegning 8 år
And this one, when I was 12:christina tegning 12 år b

It’s fun for me to (re)discover that a lot of the things I experiment with in my drawings today are the same things that I was obsessing about as an 11-year old. I just used a different kind of drawing tools, and my technique has improved. But I am clearly EXACTLY the same person.

I talk about this (in Danish) in this interview by Artoteket: Mød kunstneren – Christina Majcher

christina tegning 11-12 år



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