85 hours of blissful work is done: The Garden

My newest hand-drawn piece is done and can now be ordered as print.

the garden fb

The Garden. 61 x 84 cm. (White border 2,5 – 4 cm). Colored pencil and ink on paper. Limited edition print. Signed.

The Garden is my most time-consuming piece so far, but also my most joyful creation yet.

I drew the original as a birthday present for my mother, and it took me 85 hours to complete. The first 10 hours was hard work, with lots of doubt and resketching and planning and replanning… There is so much white paper in the beginning, so many choices and what ifs.

But then, things take shape and start growing by themselves, and the following 75 hours were just pure fun and bliss and carefree experimentation. And then, after 85 hours of deep diving, The Garden was done. Some parts of it were exactly as I planned, others completely different. Like life. Congrats, mum.

You can buy limited edition prints at my shopify page.

For framed version or other requests, get in touch directly at christina@majcher.dk.

the garden working

This is what the work process looked like about 7 hours before finishing The Garden.
Drawing with pen on white paper this late in the process is a thrilling experience. Mistakes are obviously not an option. 🙂

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