Why games journalism and travel journalism is the same thing


I have been working as a games journalist and a travel journalist in 15 years, and to me, it’s the same thing in so many ways. I visit a new and unknown area, I explore the landscapes and I write back about my findings and experiences. If I’m excited about where I have been, readers will probably feel like going, too. (And even if they don’t want to go themselves (or can’t), they will hopefully enjoy reading about my explorations anyway).

I have just spent most of the week at GamesCom in Cologne, and when I need a break from the noisy halls, I do what I always do: I go for very long walks, exploring areas of the city I haven’t seen yet. This brings me to some pretty remarkable places sometimes.

And one of the many, many things I love about this life as an explorer of both the digital and the physical worlds is that now, today, it will be difficult for most people to see if this picture is one I took with my iPhone while exploring Neuehrenfeld – or if it’s a screenshot from the new Fallout 5. I love that.

(But yeah. It’s from one of my walks. Arriving at Odonien in Neuehrenfeld).

robodonien 2

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