Jungle Confessions: “I fell completely in love with the entire thing”

What happens when you’re introduced to jungle at the tender age of 15? For today’s main character, it has meant a lifelong commitment with no digressions. It’s all jungle, and jungle all the way.

So what does it feel like, being made entirely out of jungle? It’s time for a Q&A with the one and only Mariii, aka The Jungle Monster!


What a teenage room in Vestamager looked like in the 90s.

When did you become a junglist?
“In the beginning of the 90s. My first party was the one at Rugbyklubben, which seems to be the case for many of us. It was my cousin Tino who brought me along; I was 15. I had never seen anything like it, of course. Up until then I had only been to kids’ parties. Everyone there were a bit older than me, and it was all very exciting! I think I have been to just about every single jungle party since then. And I have never really been going out in any other way. I’ve never been to an ordinary disco, really. It’s just been jungle parties for me, all the way. I fell completely in love with the entire thing.”


The young teens warming up to a jungle rave at Det Blå Pakhus in Amager, 1996 (probably).

Why do you love jungle?
“I think it all made such a huge impression on me because I was so young. Big up to my cousin Tino for introducing me to jungle! He has done me a big favour with that one. He borrowed all the records from Nis and Chris and copied all the tunes onto cassette tapes and wrote down all the names of the tracks. That has been a big help for me later on when I’ve had to search for old tracks on youtube. Just brilliant. For me, it’s just been like one long crush that never stopped. It’s mad just how much jungle moves me. I’m forever in love.”


Yup, you can say that again. The Jungle Monster just had to express her Jungle Love SO MUCH that she got a reminder burnt into her skin.


THAT MOMENT where Mariiii reveals herself as the Jungle Monster for the first time. Find the entire shocking story at the end of today’s post.

How are you spreading the jungle gospel?
“I have handed out tons of flyers and made tons of copies of cassette tapes for people back in the day. At school, one of my classmates had one of those double tape recorders which was such a massively cool thing to own back then, and I borrowed it and copied every single tape that Nis and Tino gave me and handed them out to people. We spent hours and hours copying those tapes. And whenever I met someone new I made them listen to jungle and invited them to the parties. A lot of people said yes.”

What’s your favourite tune?
“It’s impossible to say. But since it’s you asking, I’m gonna say Warpdrive with dj Crystl. It’s truly one of my all time favourites. It’s a very unique track. But there are simply too many to mention. Check out my youtube channel for more; I have a huuuge list. And I’m uploading all my old tapes, too.”


Some true babyfacin’ at the Notting Hill Carnival in London, 2000.

What’s your best party moment ever?


The One Nation flyer.

“One of the parties that made the biggest impression on me ever was my first trip to London with Caspar. We went to a One Nation party. It was 1998. Stevie Hyper D was mc’ing. And all the big dj’s were playing.”

“More recently, the All Jungle party here in Copenhagen was fantastic. Especially the first one in February. That was too mad. It was a massive surprise entering the room and seeing it so packed. That was big.”

“And I have to mention the Ribena party we went to in London in 2014 with just 100 people in a basement in Shoreditch.”

Oh yes.
“That was just unbelievably awesome. They played some tunes that I seriously thought I would never get to hear again on a dancefloor. They were really digging up some truly rare things from the bottom of those record bags.”

The tale of that adventure is right here: How to be a Junglist: Going to London


What’s the best thing that happened this year?
“The All Jungle party in February. And something Welsh.”


Mariiii, Mugge and Aske hanging out at Christiania Radio, 2005.

If you could timetravel to any point in time right now, where would you go?
“I would go back to the parties at Operaen on  Christiania. That was just the best time, being a teenager and taking it all in. I met so many people at Operaen that I still know today. I would like to be at one of those parties again.”


Early teen pic of Mariiiiiii dancing to Cypress Hill in her Vestamager teen room.

What’s the dark secret noone knows about you?
“Well. Tim Driver inspired me with his revelation about Phil Collins, so I’m going to say Rick Astley. I love Rick Astley. I still think he has made the best pop music ever. I have this endless fascination with British culture. I’m definitely an anglophile. If a guy opens his mouth and English words come out he immediately becomes 10 percent more hot in my eyes. No, more like 35 percent.”


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And TONS of hand-picked tunes and uploaded cassette tape mixes from back in the day on her youtube channel right here: Maruskimus 

2006-07-22 16.59.21

“Whiiiii, I’m a Disney princess with a super-unrealistic waistline. EAT IT, SUCKERS!”


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