How to be a Junglist: The Hand Horn Special

Today’s post is dedicated to Kristobal, boss manager at the venue Pumpehuset in Copenhagen. The hardworking people at the popular venue has just managed to land an awesome deal with Københavns Kommune which means that the venue in its current form (which is top form and still evolving) is safe and sound all the way until the year 2024 – which is a VERY CHRISTMASSY YEAR, we might add, so JUngLEkalenderen approves in many ways.

So here’s a pic of Kristobal, conveniently placed in front of a sign that reads December 13th!

IS THAT A COINCIDENCE? Of course not. Nothing is a coincidence in JUngLEkalenderen.

And here’s the article on the good news, all fresh:år-usædvanlig-julegave-fra-kommunen

The crew at Pumpehuset likes their basslines to be deeper than deep. And they like their music to be dark, mean, sometimes unpleasant and sometimes downright weird – and we salute that. I mean, JUngLEkalenderen doesn’t salute a genre like hardstyle as such, to be honest, but we salute the fact that somebody is musically curious enough to explore the uglier soundscapes, too.

So today, let’s give it up for Pumpehuset, home to many drum’n’bass parties, high quality death metal extravaganzas and cosy long table afternoons under the chestnut trees. We celebrate this with a post dedicated solely to a handsign that’s immensely popular with both the junglists and the metal heads.



So what IS this sign, here expertly shown by Feltman at the reopening of Jolene in Kødbyen 2008.


Is it used to invoke the Horned God? Does it bring trouble or peace? It definitely seems to bring peace to Sulu here, as invoked by JSL.


It’s earliest known use can be seen in India – by Gautama Buddha (born 567 BC), for the expulsion of demons and removal of obstacles like sickness or negative thoughts. It still works in 2007!


Some people would say it just means “Rock on” or “Hell, yeah” or “Good times.” I mean, that’s what it looks like on the surface while we’re dancing through the afternoon sunshine on our way to a Hatesphere concert at Roskilde.


The cartoon version of John Lennon also uses the sign on the cover of the “Yellow Submarine” album from 1969, and theories speculate that he wanted to signal an interest in Aleister Crowley. That’s definitely what we’re doing here. With a sprinkle of Buddha, of course. We’re backstage at the Kraken party, 2007.


Here’s an entire room working on the expulsion of demons and removal of obstacles, Buddha style, while warming up to DNBZone. 2008.


A rumour tells us that if you dont keep you thumb in while doing the gesture, it means “I love you” in sign language. So here it is, shown in a double I Love You version by JKamata, surrounding Kristobal with love and flowers – at a summer party at Dyssen.


Here’s a handful of junglists having a great time with the handsign at Roskilde Festival 2008.


Okay, fair enough, it was actually the Slayer concert, but there are junglists in there, somewhere, for sure.


Here’s another relaxed version thrown by Garridge Bwoy. That’s the one that actually means “I Love You” . According to rumors. Can anyone confirm this?


Another double at the Hatesphere concert, Roskilde Festival.


Aaaaand let’s finish off with a sharp one, thrown by dj Hype at Stengade 2008. We can’t look at this picture enough. JKamata does wonders for it.

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