The Lost Junglists

Junglists are experts in keeping their eye on the really really bright light at the end of that long, dark tunnel. In other words: Junglists are super optimists.

But what happens when the long dark tunnel just keeps being long and dark? What happens when you lose your spark?

Let’s have a look at the Lost Junglists today.

temper d 05 IMG_1751

3 junglists looking 3 kinds of lost before the Temper D party, 2005.

Picture 095

Mariiiii looks lost at the Ohoi! 2 year birthday party in the belly of the boat.

Picture 167

Same Ohoi! party, lost on the dance floor.


Kettil is lost somewhere in the jungle. Or maybe on Dyssen, Christiania 2007.

2004-04-12 07.58.57

Worms and insects on sticks make Chriszka the Time Traveller feel lost in China.

førfest vermlandsgade tim ohoi marie

I wanted to write something about Mariiii having herself a slightly lost moment here, but I can’t stop looking at 2000F’s Playmobil hair.


CRS feels lost in Jens’ garden.


Even though he’s surrounded by people who clearly can’t control their enthusiasm, Klaus just feels lost. Super old scan, this. Private Party People Round XXVII-something, Frederiksberg.

8. februar 06, Inges fødselsdag 028

Vitus and Nufound feel totally lost at a Trivial Pursuit game.

8. februar 06, Inges fødselsdag 030


8. februar 06, Inges fødselsdag 038

See how lost they are. Cool phones, btw.


2000F is completely lost behind the decks and in front of the underwear at the opening of the Oehl shop.

2006-07-23 01.27.31

We will never know which junglist we lost here. RIP, whoever you were. Mariiii’s garden party ended badly for someone, apparently. That’s how it is with Jungle Monsters roaming free. Garridge Bwoy swiftly removes the last evidence of foul play.

FOUL PLAY! Yes, let’s have a musical intermezzo.

This is Renegade Snares by Omni Trio – the Foul Play remix. Best version, no contest. This was my FIRST favourite jungle tune ever. It wasn’t the very first tune I recognized, but it was one of the first ones that stood out in what was, at the time, a massive wave of new sounds and complex rhythms, mixed together.

I listened to it so much, I actually ended up growing a little bit tired of it, as opposed to some of its contemporary mega classics, like Valley of the Shadows (see, I squeezed it in again!) and Champion Sound which seem to just be FOREVER endurable to my ears.

Okay, on with the lostness.

Chriszkas 32 Birthday Bash 027

Tino feels lost at Nadsat – at Chriszka’s Birthday Bash.

Mariii feels lost below a balloon. Super duper old pic from one of the silobashes. Caught by

2003-02-21 18.34.28

Chriszka the Time Traveller has never looked this lost.

IMG_1907 dnbzone19nov05

Vitus, completely lost. At Nadsat, DNBZone 2005.


Deep in the jungle looking for my drum.

2011, januar fra iPhone 255

Tim Driver looks for the jungle in Buenos Aires.


Liquid feels completely lost at RAW, 2009.

For more junglists out and about and possibly lost, jump back a year and see all the super revealing photos of the Secret Junglists.

Did you miss a day of JUngLE? Go here for the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present.


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  2. Pingback: Blasts from the Past: The Dressed Up Junglists | Christina Majcher

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