Blasts from the Past: RAW 2006

The longing for warmer and longer days continues. Let’s travel back to somewhere warm. We’re going to RAW 2006.

2006-08-05 21.25.15

…where we did a pretty extensive warm-up on my terrace, apparently.

2006-08-05 21.29.27

Christian Marcus is just surrounded by flowers and ladies.

2006-08-05 21.44.39

…while Nufund tests my piano.

2006-08-05 21.25.35

…and Drop throws some proper hand signs like the junglist he is.

2006-08-05 21.45.28

Vagn checks out if the wine is worth drinking.

2006-08-05 21.45.04

This was when RAW was in Siloen on Islands Brygge, so we could just stroll over there from the terrace in a few minutes.

2006-08-05 21.45.47

…aaaaaand we’re ready to leave.

2006-08-05 23.03.52

This is what it looks like from the outside if you arrive too late at RAW. Thanks to Vitus for the pic.

2006-08-05 23.04.34

And this is what it looks like from the inside.

2006-08-05 23.16.47

Stine decides to take a nap.Vagn wins the baby face contest. And Chriszka the Time Traveller has probably just arrived from another year, as anyone who has seen this dress before will know.

And where did you see this dress before? Yes: In Blasts from the Past: Jungle Bells 2006 where it was finally revealed that some serious time travelling is indeed going on. And this dress was the final proof.

And is it a coincidence that Stine and Chriszka the Time Traveller are having a time portal conversation  RIGHT HERE in Blasts from the Past: The Private Parties?! Of course not. You know they don’t exist. Coincidences, I mean. Time portals are real.

No wonder Stine looks tired.

Businessman Poulsen laughs at Sofus the Amazing Shapeshifter’s hippie clothes on the dancefloor.

But then Sofus the Amazing Shapeshifter and Christian just have themselves a big laugh about anyone who are NOT hippies. Your loss. Big up for the pics.

Oddly enough, Garridge Bwoy then tries to look like a businessman. Caught in the act by

And 2000F IS a businessman. Champagne style. Hello

Lots of babyface action here.

Mesteño has caught Helmet in the techno room. Helmet tries to wrestle himself loose because he really really wants to go to the drum’n’bass room, but Mesteño’s techno grip is too strong. Drama caught by

2006-08-06 03.58.44

After a couple of crazy, sweaty hours indoors, the party moves outside to the legendary morning session. Well, to put it more correctly, this is the morning session that made the morning sessions into something legendary. Jean and Thor are totally ready for it. Looking good, boys!

2006-08-06 04.52.01

Tim Driver and Le are also totally ready for it. The swimsuit is a particularly good move.

2006-08-06 02.42.42

This is what the legendary morning session looked like from above. Thanks to Vitus for the pic.

2006-08-06 04.52.26

And this is what it looks like up close.

This is where Chriszka the Time Traveller jumps in again from who knows where she has been in her time portal endavours and pretends to have been there all the time. Caught by

2000F uses some modern technology to send a message to the party gods while the guy next to Thor just uses a more telepathic approach with the good ol’ ecstatic raver pose. Modern versus tribal communication caught by

2006-08-06 04.53.01

A well performed sandwich group hug on the dance floor.

And so, it’s back to the December rain, people.

Want more summer? Don’t forget the Garden Party People and the Asphalt Troubles of Tim Driver.

For the full adventures of how Chriszka the Time Traveller and her portal jumping tricks were revealed, go to the good ol’ classic: Blasts from the Past: Jungle Bells 2006.

Did you want to see that time portal conversation again? Jump to Blasts from the Past: The Private Parties.

Did you miss a day of JUngLE? Go here for the complete collection of #JUngLEkalenderen, both past and present.


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