Jungle Feelings: Magic on the Dancefloor

Back to basics. Hands in the air! Junglists: Let’s get back to what it’s really about: The magic on the dancefloor.

This collection is dedicated to anyone who gets carried away by the music and the mixing.

17feb06viciouscircle2006-02-22 00.44.28

YES! Awesome move at the Vicious Circle party, DNBZone at Culture Box 2006. Nico Defrost is not particularly impressed. Caught by Miss Popo.

14jan06seba2006-01-15 04.06.33-3

Nufound totally feels it at the Seba party, Culture Box 2006. Caught by Vitus.

2004-10-03 00.36.03

An intense moment on the dancefloor at an awesome private party in 2004.

2009 020820091020

Dominik feels the magic at the morning session at RAW, 2009.

2006-10-28 01.53.17

Masterly dancefloor moves by Mika and Elisabeth at the Burn party – 2006.

17feb06viciouscircle2006-02-22 00.48.28

Mariiiiii shows everyone how it’s done – up front at the Vicious Circle party, Culture Box 2006. Yes, this is serious business.


Holger just goes COMPLETELY BANANAS up front at the Distortion Final Party 2007. Where’s the dj? Good question.

14jan06seba2006-01-15 04.06.33

Junglists caught by the bass at the Seba party, DNBZone at Culture Box, 2006. Photo by Vitus.


Proper junglist moves at the Lucy Love record release reception – 2007.

2009 020820091030

The refusing-to-go-home-party-crowd. Shadow play at the closed down morning session mainfloor. RAW, 2009.

78 jungle bells 16dec2005

Junglist! Sofia caught by the mix by Caspar – at Jungle Bells, Culture Box 2005.

2004-10-03 03.25.35

Who needs lights? Who needs deco? Junglists can be caught by the mix ANYWHERE!

2004-10-03 05.07.50

See what I mean? TUUUUUNE in the mix here, clearly. Junglists and trancers agree.

pandemonium chris pose

Army net deco massive! MC Chris performing a proper jungle move on stage at the Pandemonium party at Huset. Super back in the day 90s style! Big up Mariiiii for the pic.

14jan06seba2006-01-15 04.06.33-6

That’s the spirit, Nufie. Feeling it, up front at the Seba party, Culture Box 2006. Caught by Vitus.

2004-10-03 01.35.46

Trademark trance move by Sims! Carried away.


2005-10-21 05.16.28

When the mix is just perfect! DNBZone, Nadsat, 2005.

2006-10-28 01.53.47

Mika decides to show everyone some proper Finnish folk dance moves – at the Burn party, 2006.

rolodex. 141

Chriszka the Time Traveller and Evil Economist clearly appreciating the mix at the Rolodex party, Culture Box.


From shop to club. Who needs a dancefloor when jungle’s on the decks? Let’s move!

2004-10-03 00.46.27

Piana goes trance. Private party, 2004.

raw 2005 7572

Junglists enjoying themselves massively in the Ohoi! room at RAW, 2005. Big up Liquid!

rolodex. 152

That’s what I mean! ENDLESS ENTHUSIASM! Drop does something completely awesome right here. DNBZone, Culture Box, 2006.


Daniel San magically pops out of a laptop, like a jack-in-the-box. Docken, 2007.

Picture 163

Anna, Lau, PZ and Olde totally feeling it at the Ohoi! 2 year birthday party.


Let me just quote a dear old friend, who wrote this in a jungle forum somewhere else on the internet today: “Den lækre fortabte følelse, som om alt er slut… MEN PÅ DEN FEEEEEEDESTE MÅDE”. That’s what I’m feeling right here, to be sure. Darkside feelings.

If you wanna feel it too, listen to this masterpiece. Proper darkside, no mercy.

Alright, back to the pics.

raw 2005 IMG_6430

CRS giving it all he has in the Ohoi! room at RAW, 2005. Horns massive!


Intense dancing session going on at the right edge of this pic. Lotte, caught in the mix. Docken, 2007.

rolodex. 131

Enthusiastic crowd, still loving it at the Rolodex party, Culture Box.

14jan06seba2006-01-15 04.06.33-5

CRS and Chriszka the Time Traveller agreeing on the awesomeness of everything at the Seba party, 2006. Caught by Vitus.

2005-10-21 07.17.58

What a Nadsat party looked like from above, back in the day. When blitzed, of course. 2005.

Do you want more dancefloor magic STRAIGHT AWAY? Do not hesitate, go to How to be a Junglist: The Dancefloor Moves.

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