How to be a Junglist: The T-Shirt Special II

When body language is not enough, the silent voices of printed clothing take over. It’s time for a t-shirt special! Round II! (Yes, we love series).

2006-07-22 16.57.52

Silent, thoughtful communication: Tim Driver and Garridge Bwoy each wear their own favourite extinct species on their t-shirt while thinking about the asphalt-nature-predicament.

jesper fryd og mig

Constantly surrounded by needy fans? This t-shirt could be your solution.

2004-04-12 08.36.35

Chriszka the Time Traveller is spreading the word in a weird country far, far away.

75 19nov05

When your t-shirt is super aggressive, make sure to look super friendly in your face. Drop succeeds. Thanks to Miss Popo for the pic and Nadsat for the surroundings.


Okay, CRS uses another strategy. This works, too. This is DNBZone at Culture Box, the Rolodex party.

2002-02-12 09.31.03

NIS just wears himself on the t-shirt.


Obey, Posse! This is the reopening of Jolene, Kødbyen – May 2008.

christina og thomas

Thomas’ t-shirt makes sure he gets sent all the way home after the 4WARDshow 2004. We’re pretty exhausted at this point. Jungle awaits, though.


Well, you might as well be blunt. Dominik poses proudly.


Chriszka spots Klaus Boss’ super cool t-shirt while 2000F apparently says something insanely boring into his right ear. This is a packed night at Nadsat.


Maaløe wears a t-shirt stating that 3D will kill us and we need more experimental 2D games with simple graphics, or maybe 1D games, because experimental is the new normal. This is KB18, 2008.

Chriszka the Time Traveller wears a t-shirt indicating that she’s really a trancer. Yes, that’s a reflex alien. Yes, I still have that t-shirt. This is the Silobash 2004 – thanks to for the pic.


Speaking of Silobash, here’s a yellow collector’s item worn by Bjørn Svin, having a party with technology, as per usual.

PC290052 dnbzone infiltrata 18aug2006

Yes, lots of interesting Silent Messages on T-shirts here. The one Drop wears – Commercial Suicide – is actually a record label. And a proud junglistic rule to live by.

IMG_5557 18aug2006infiltrata

Here’s another junglistic rule to live by: Darkside. This is the Infiltrata party at Culture Box, and no, it’s not a party, really, it’s an endurance sports event.


Fuck art, let’s dance. Best photo ever taken of Filur. We’re at the 4WARDshow, 2004.

muffler tshirt casper

….aaaand we have to have some sports vibes, too – represented by a super sporty Casparados at the Muffler party, Copenhagen.

26 45 19nov05nadsat

Nico Defrost, concentrating with that needle work – at Nadsat, 2005. Thanks to Miss Popo for the pic.


Asmus is completely exhausted by the awesomeness of his t-shirt. Culture Box, 2007.

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