How to be a Junglist: Camouflage

Any self-respecting junglist knows the importance of camouflage. And no, this is not just about wearing camo pants on the dance floor. It’s the life-saving ability to immediately and skillfully blend into your surroundings, like a ninja.   Thanks to Mariiii the Jungle Monster for the Pandemonium pics. By the way, we all know from […]

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How to be a Junglist: The Dancefloor Moves

Let’s get back to basics today, to what it’s really about: The music and the feelings it gives you. Junglists are going all in in that respect. Nothing beats the energy generated by a dancefloor filled with junglists caught deep in a well-played set, hypnotized by the bass, whipped by the drums. Okay, so things […]

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