The new Danish game Inside is a nightmarish masterpiece

I took tons of screenshots while playing the new game Inside by Playdead – the Danish game studio that released Limbo 6 years ago. And there are plenty darker pictures of ominous events┬áthat I would like to have posted here and in my review. But they would sort of be spoilers, so I will make […]

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Survival and sightseeing in the Stone Age

I didn’t expect struggling for survival in the Stone Age would be this much fun. BUT IT TOTALLY IS! I’m giving 5 starts to Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal in my review. You can google translate it here: Smuk og brutal stenalderaction

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When a violent car game is more moving than the movie

I found the Mad Max game a whole lot more moving than Mad Max: Fury Road. Frankly because I found Fury Road to be tacky and dreadfully boring, like a movie that really wanted to be a bad-ass death metal band but was ultimately a lot more like the Finnish joke of a band Lordi […]

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