The 7 Perfect Games for Junglists

It’s an interesting day for games, because

1) any European vaguely interested in the mainstream of mobile gaming has now been waiting for more than 10 hours for the release of Nintendo’s new mobile blockbuster Super Mario Run
2) I just got an invite to the world premiere of the Assassin’s Creed movie
3) right now, the 6 new games made by students from DADIU (The National Academy of Digital Entertainment) are being celebrated at Filmskolen in Copenhagen. Again this year, the games reveal a healthy sense of humour (a Danish trademark that we should be proud of), so check them out here; anyone with an Android tablet can download them for free).


With all that in mind, JUngLEkalenderen will spend this day diving back into the landcapes where gamers and ravers meet.

(If you missed the last one, here it is: Gamers and Ravers – the Amazing Similarities between the Two Worlds.)

Here it is, your indispensable guide: The 7 perfect games for junglists.

This mobile game is an overlooked gem, made by Harmonix, the people behind Rockband and Dance Central. It’s a rhythm runner, where you sprint along the pavement, dodging parked bikes and garbage piles and fire hydrants and men reading newspapers and other obstacles to the rhythm of the music of your own choice. Yup, that’s the true genius of it. You can run to the beats of your own iTunes music collection, which makes it a great choice for junglists. Just choose your own tunes!

For some reason, Back to Your Roots (Friction & K-Tee Remix) makes a perfect running tune for me in this particular game.


You have to collect as many vinyls as possible, while running, jumping and sliding along the pavement. When you’re doing really well, all the obstacles start dancing along to your beats, which is super cool.

Extra junglist point: The game begins in a record shop jam-packed with vinyl albums. And it’s free. Download here.


This is a classic. I never really did get up to much mischief in GTA III. I just found myself a car and drove around the streets of Liberty City, listening to the pirate station MSX FM 101.1, hosted by DJ Timecode and MC Codebreaker.




Things get dubsteppy.

This 2D platformer game is made by former Playdead lead gameplay designer Jeppe Carlsen and has an awesome, dubsteppy soundtrack by Jakob Schmid. Just listen to some of the bass lines in this clip, headnodders:

The game was released on Steam in 2013 and recently hit the consoles.

If you have access to a Playstation VR headset, you will already have tried The London Heist, which is part of the demo pack. I have tried it every time I got the chance to do so at gaming conferences and such, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the car chase sequence on the London motorway every time.

You are in the passenger seat in a getaway car after a coup, chased by bandits that you can shoot at while you mess about with your soda and stuff in the glove compartment and such. And tadaaaaa: The car radio is tuned into a pirate station! No idea which track is playing, though, since I’ve been too busy hanging out the car door shooting people and stuff. Fun! You can google translate my (p)review here: Playstations VR headset is out – here are the games.

Wipeout 2097

A flow classic. More games should have soundtracks like this. The futuristic racing game Wipeout 2097 is packed with tunes, from Photek and Orbital to an instrumental version of Prodigy’s Firestarter.

Devil May Cry

The entire soundtrack is by Noisia, so there…


DJ Hero

You need some extra gear to play this one on your console, and it’s getting pretty old, but I had insane amounts of fun playing DJ Hero back in the day – especially with tracks like this. Not so much when you were forced to mix tracks by Blackeyed Peas. (Tip: The drum’n’bass action in the video above starts at 3:47).


And I’m just gonna end this with a screenshot from Playdead’s newest game Inside, because it’s so incredibly darkside.


“We’re not gonna die, we’re gonna get out of here!”

Yeah, sure.

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