The Tim Driver Special: Tim Driver looking at things

To keep OCD people everywhere happy, the JUngLE calendar dedicates day 10 to everyone who likes order, square angles and the dark arts of number magic. For those of you wondering what a Tim Driver special is – here’s a repetition of the first question of day 5 of the Jungle calendar:

So, Tim, what’s up with you and the number 5?
”My favourite number has always been 5. And I just have this OCD thing going on with 5s and 10s and zeroes and 100. I like it when things add up. If I look at my watch at :58, it kind of has to swith to :00 before I can look away again. Yeah, that’s a little bit weird. But it’s always been like that.
I feel a certain kind of satisfaction if I play a dj-set and I realize afterwards that I have played exactly 25 tracks, or 30. I don’t think about it during the set, though – but if it adds up to 25 when I make the tracklist, it just feels good. It’s not something that bothers me in my day to day life. I just like order and square angles and the number 5.”

Let’s go!


Tim Driver looking at the meat he is about to eat at the BEST steak restaurant in the entire world, wraaaaaaaaaa! La Cabrera, Buenos Aires, 2011.


Tim Driver looking at Lewis. Roskilde Festival, 2008.


Tim Driver looking at an invisible hologram.


Tim Driver looking at the ground.


Tim Driver looking at women.


Tim Driver looking at the world.


Tim Driver looking at the neon frisbee I bought for Ohoi!’s 6th year anniversary.


Tim Driver looking at a junglistic swamp in Buenos Aires.


Tim Driver looking at the amazing patterns on his hand, whooooaaaaaa.


Tim Driver looking at Morro de São Paulo.


Tim Driver looking at his oldskool flip phone. The RAW after after after party – August 2007.


Tim Driver looking at a plant.


Tim Driver looking at one of Chriszka the Time Traveller’s magical time travel portals.


Tim Driver looking at the amazing hologram in his hand. Sadly invisible to others, but they listen semi-politely, because this is Tim’s birthday bash (at Rust 2009).


Tim Driver looking at the menu.

That was 15 different pictures exactly. You’re welcome!

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