Jungle Confessions: “It never gets boring”


The main character of today hides deep in the middle of this group hug. We’re on our way to Malmø to hear dj Hype – dec. 2009.

Some junglists spend the dark month of December trying to survive on 2,5 hours of daylight and a daily dose of JUngLEkalenderen.

Others have moved to Mexico and spend their days doing yoga, climbing pyramids and planting avocado trees.

Let’s meet one of the others! Give it up for Mai, who lives it up on Playa del Carmen by, for instance, doing yoga in the most junglist way possible:


Hi Mai! When did you become a junglist?
I don’t have a memory of the very first moment I was introduced to jungle. I think the lines were more blurry back then. There was a lot of crossing over between genres. I am thinking of The Prodigy, Lamb, Portishead, Moloko and Squarepusher, just to name a few. But the oldschool jungle tunes that stands out for me the most is “Super Sharp Shooter” by DJ Zink.

It just kind of has it all, doesn’t it? Well, except for female vocals which I really love. Like ATB feat. Olive – “You’re Not Alone”, Omni Trio “Renegade snares” or DJ Hype “Ready or Not” Remix. …and still we are only scratching the surface of what the genre has to offer.

Why do you love jungle?
I love jungle because it’s a genre that you don’t just listen to, you also need to feel it to get the full experience. It’s so diverse, too. I can’t believe the number of sub-genres. I love the contrasts between melody and beat and the changing rhythms that keep it interesting, constantly. It never gets boring or monotone like some of the other electronic genres tend to.

Another thing that I really LOVE about jungle is the story of the amen break behind it. The story is such a great example of how the lack of claiming copyright and creative ownership in this case was part of the evolution of an entirely new genre of music – and an entire era.


Feeling it on the dance floor, yoga style, sort of.

What’s the best thing that happened this year?
I have rented a house for the next 9 months in Playa del Carmen, Mexico….and I am really happy here. I think I have finally found my place in the world – at least for a while. 9 months for me is sort of settling down after a couple of years of living in many different countries. It’s nice to have my own place. And since I now have a full setup of furniture and stuff here I think it’s fair to say that I have moved to Mexico and found my path.


Piece of cake stair climbing when you have legs made by jungle.


How are you spreading the jungle gospel?
I have been travelling a lot and haven’t really found my jungle tribe out here in the world yet. I spent quite some time in southern Spain, and I found a lot of reggae, ragga and dub there, but not really any jungle/drum’n’bass. Playa Del Carmen is sort of a combination of Tenerife/Gran Canaria and Ibiza for people from the US and Canada. And they definitely have a big electronic scene here that I still need to explore. Drum’n’bass-tunes are being played on occasion, but to my knowledge there is no designated drum’n’bass-place here. The clubs are really cool, though. You can’t beat a roof top club with bass, pool and ocean view! But hey, if any of you Copenhagen dj’s want to come over and help me spread the jungle gospel, you are more than welcome. I would love to do some VJ’ing again.

Hey! That was an open invitation, Copenhagen junglists!
Haha, yes. We can make a jungle party, and I have cheap rooms for rent right in the center of town. This is a really cool high contrast place. You can find deep spirituality here from the ancient Mayan culture and yoga, and then there’s the BPM festival coming up in January, where all the ravers from North and South America take over the city.

If you could timetravel to any point in time right now, where would you go?
Awesome question. I have to think about that for a moment.


Mai takes a moment to think – at Ohoi!’s 6 year birthday party.

I have ended up in conflict with myself, because I want to go both backwards and forwards in time. But since this is a thought experiment, I figure I can have it all. Okay, so for traveling back in time I want to go before or beyond my physical existence and experience what is there. And for traveling forward I want to go to that point in time when jungle has its revival – or when oldschool jungle tunes becomes insanely fashionable.

Whohooo, good news, Mai, this has already happened!


Mai celebrating the good news (at RAW 2009).


How does raving make the world better? 
Music changes the world! Nothing less. Music has a major impact on human emotions. It describes our emotions and reflects our subconscious – the human condition in all its forms. And it usually improves the mood and thus heightens the vibration. Music is therapeutic, even spiritual – and will heal anyone who sets the intention and is willing to be open and listen.

What’s your favourite spot at a party?
With the other weedheads, and close to the bass units.

What’s the most exciting thing about the future?
That you can make it into whatever you want! Whatever you can imagine and allow to happen is possible.


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