Blasts from the Past: Pirate Party Pack

Flicking through files on my old computer I found a whole bunch of photos with the date 06-06-06. Obviously the 6th day on the 6th month in ’06 is a rare occurence, so the collection had to end up in the JUngLE calendar – on day 6. Because we have to continue exercising the dark arts of number magic. Fortunately for you guys, it turned out to be an entertaining bunch of pics.

It’s time for a Blasts from the Past! – dedicated to a particularly sunny Pirate Party Pack morning on a boat.


Alright, so this is where we kick off. We are at the Rum’n’Bass party at Stengade.


This is what the Rum’n’Bass party looked like on the main floor. It’s quite clear why we didn’t want it to stop.


To be fair, all this didn’t happen on the 6/6/06 – even though my t-shirt pretends to be evil.


The Rum’n’Bass party was on the 3rd of June, so the journey you’re about to embark on happened on the 4th. And the pics were saved on the 6th. Thaaaaaaat’s why.


Okay, so the Rum’n’Bass party ends, and the sun is definitely up outside.


You use your remaining braincells to ponder where to go.


And to pose for some photos while you ponder.


Oh yeah. Pirate Party Pack. Let’s go. We have a bottle of transportation red wine ready.


Junglist enthusiastically runs to get her bike.


And off we go.


Arrival at the boat!


Beautiful Pirate Party Pack morning vibes.


I love this pic.


What time is it? Who cares. Everyone is here.


Dancing on a boooooaaaaaaat. And that’s a bag of confetti waiting to happen.


Bateman gets a hug.


Bateman gets his groove on.


Advocatorex poses in the sunshine like a juicy lemon.


Watch out. A time portal has magically appeared on the deck.


Dj Lab loses one of his heavy bag of vinyls through the time portal.


People discuss what to do about this unusual problem.


Some people are more worried about time portals and lost vinyls than others.



Oh well. Time for confetti to happen.

And mooooore confetti. Photo by

Fortunately, an 11-year old brought some vinyls, too, so the party could keep going. Photo by

Because that’s aaaaaall that matters. Nufie has himself a pretty babyfaced moment, too, in front of the speaker. Photo by

Chriszka the Time-Traveler celebrates the time portal occurrence – pic by

A bunch of white people hiding from the sun. Picture by

Bateman takes a nap in a hug with Loke, who is named after the trickster god of Norse mythology and somehow carries Chriszka the Time Travellers’s arm on his left shoulder. Pic by

See, this is what I mean. It’s right out in the open. 06/06/06. Pic by

2xChr tries to stay awake by the water. Pic by

White people trying to tan in the morning sun. Pic by

Sunny moment selfie by

Tom Collins found a friend. Pic by

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