Release coming up: Slow-motion artwork for slow-motion music


Release coming up! The duo Herrhausen & Treindl release their EP ‘Tangaris’ on my FAVOURITE record label Iboga Records on April 1st, and I drew the album cover. ✍️ Very slowly, with pencil, ink and oil pastels. This is the result! Slow-motion artwork for slow-motion music. 🌀

1) I listened to the music a LOT 💚
2) saw some pretty vivid imagery while listening
3) thought ‘I don’t know how to draw those shapes…. yet…’ and then
4) proceeded to draw them – SLOWLY – with pencil (accuracy and patience!), ink (fearlessness!) and oil pastels (greasy stuff!) – while still listening to the music, of course.

More info and links coming up in the upcoming week.

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