Backgammon for Aliens

My new painting is done!

backgammon for aliens 1

The title is Backgammon for Aliens. Acrylic paint on canvas. 40×80 cm. Limited prints (signed) are available on

Here’s an ultra close-up:

backgammon for aliens ultracloseup

And here’s the entire piece:

backgammon for aliens fra siden

Painting with acrylics is like playing with food. It gets really messy. And starting out, I had no idea how to make the painting look the way I wanted – with all the tiny details. But I have learnt so much while working on it. First and foremost this: The tools you need for an impossible task will appear when you need them – if your inner vision is strong enough.

A work in progress (but very close to completion) shot:backgammon for aliens gulv

The painting has found its perfect spot on the wall, next to My Cosmic Happiness Generator (pen and pencil):

backgammon og my cosmic

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