Fly into a Dali painting with mobile VR

dali 2The future is here. You can fly into a Salvador Dali painting through your mobile phone. Yes, really.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to test a Gear VR headset with the Samsung Galaxy phone.

The graphics are lower quality than what you get from the high end headsets (Oculus and HTC Vive), obviously, but the GREAT thing is that you can

1) jump in and out of virtual reality at home in your own living room
2) it’s easy to share the experience with your friends and family because there are no heavy computers or wires to think about and it’s THE GREATEST THING to watch people try VR for the first time. This is my friend (and VR n00b) Sune trying out virtual reality for the very first time (he’s playing Smash Hit):

I have written a piece about the best free fun you can find inside the Gear VR. There are phobia explorations, masterpieces (Smash Hit!) and surrealism on the list. Don’t forget to watch the Salvador Dali video: Free virtual reality at home in your living room (<— google translate this)

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