How to be a Raver: The Powers of the Hands

JUngLEkalenderen loves the hands of skillful dj’s and anything made by hand, really. We like vinyls picked by hand at the record shop and mixed by hands on the decks. I have written hundreds of articles on electronic music, but the ONE article that I keep jumping back to is the article on Son Kite, […]

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“Dancing is a very important ritual”

Son Kite releases their 4th album “Prisma” today on the Danish label Iboga Records. I interviewed the Swedish duo a couple of weeks ago, and it was a hugely inspiring experience. It is quite rare for me to meet people who take the transformational potential of the dancefloor and the healing properties of proper raving […]

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“Digital reality is a frozen skeleton”

The Swedish trance duo Son Kite releases their new album “Prisma” on November 17th. The album is released on vinyl on Iboga Records, and I did an interview with them about the significance of good, analogue sound, the importance of being fully present in the now, and why streaming can be stressful. Read it in […]

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