The new Danish game Inside is a nightmarish masterpiece

I took tons of screenshots while playing the new game Inside by Playdead – the Danish game studio that released Limbo 6 years ago. And there are plenty darker pictures of ominous events that I would like to have posted here and in my review. But they would sort of be spoilers, so I will make […]

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The magnificent sunsets of Firewatch

I spent some weeks alone in the wilderness of Wyoming. Or rather… I wasn’t exactly alone. But isolated, definitely. I saw some very memorable sunsets and had some equally memorable walkie talkie moments. I’ve also become very good at using a map and a compass. You can read my review (in Danish) of the magnificent […]

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The hottest game character in the world

Nathan Drake is the main character of the Uncharted-series – the action-packed from developers Naughty Dog. He is, without contest, the most charming and handsome computer game character ever made – and his pleasing, pixelated frame has now been updated in an awesome remake of the three games in the series, rereleased as Uncharted: The […]

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