Hunting zombies in the second-oldest amusement park in the world

Tivoli in Copenhagen has launched an augmented reality game for their Halloween-themed autumn season. You are attacked by hordes of zombies between the carousels and joyrides of the old amusement park. It’s a lot more fun than Pokémon Go – and playable until November 6th. My review (in Danish) here: Tivolis nye forlystelse kan kun prøves via […]

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What happens to your brain, your body and your neighbourhood when you play Pokémon Go?

What’s going on with Pokémon Go? Why does everyone love it, kids and parents alike? What happpens to your brain while you’re playing? What’s the connection with CIA? Why is it happening now? Should you be worried or thrilled? I have written an article about the phenomenon in Jyllands-Posten – google translate here: Sensationally popular pocket […]

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This mobile game will make your kids move

Mobile games do not necessarily turn our kids into sofa-bound screen zombies. New types of games mixing the popular digital world with physical play are emerging. One of these games is Space Agent by the Danish company Hybrid Play and Games. It’s a sci-fi game where the player defends the Earth from a space alien […]

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