My thesis: Festivals, flow machines and ‘fabeldyr’

My thesis on psychedelic festivals as the initiation rites and transformational rituals of the 21st century:

Rave culture as ritual. Psychedelic festivals as flow machines and transformation rituals for the 21st century. Christina Majcher. University of Copenhagen.

Rave culture likes to imagine itself as the direct continuation of prehistoric tribal rituals from thousands of years ago. And when attending psychedelic music festivals, ritualistic elements and tribal and religious imagery is everywhere: from temple-like dancefloors and totem poles to techno-shamanistic stagings of the dj’s.

This suggest that the festivals have strong ritualistic intentions. But can the festivals be considered actual contemporary rituals and rites of passage? This is what I explore in this thesis.

Read the full thesis here (in Danish):
(A translation to English is in the works).

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