Ravers are the Experts: Slowing Down in Fast Lives – part II

Let’s get back to how it all started out this season: With slowing down. On purpose. Here’s another sweet selection of ravers slowing down in the middle of everything.

The Jeff Mills party at Culture Box in 2006 was so much fun, noone wanted to stop afterwards. What happens when you really really don’t want to stop but just want to keep talking to your friends about all your insights, you might end up falling asleep in the middle of everything. When this happens for several people at once, the party has been truly epic. This is perfection. 10 out of 10. (You can read more about this phenomenon in 5 problems only ravers know about.
Bateman slows down completely while still standing up at the Zerrbild party at Culture Box, August 2007.
2000F slows down on the sunrise floor at RAW, 2009. Jeppe looks a tiny wee bit tired as well.
Chriszka has a quiet moment of internal bliss at the Kasra party at Culture Box.
Psytrancers slow down in the shade at the Boom Festival 2022. 42 degrees, people. This is a festival of initiation. You come out the other end stronger.
When the dancing stopped and the lights went on at Luna Tec (Copenhagen, February 2022), Thomas decided to sit down on the dancefloor and just slow down. Masterful, another 10/10.
Two mädchens slow down and build flowery sandcastles on the dancefloor, just before Bongo & Pusk start playing. Juli 2019.
A large circle of psytrance yogis slow down on purpose at the S.U.N. Festival in Hungary, 2013.
Sims slows down on the strong jungle shoulders of Chriszka in Beijing, 2004.
PierreL slow down on the broad shoulders of Liquid at the Hifly Pigfest 2010.
Andreas slows down on the broader shoulders of Anders at the Dyssen party 2010.
Now THIS is excellence! Slowing down completely in the middle of the dancefloor at Elektronisk Picnic, July 2010. Again: 10/10.
Ah, the beauty of beaming like an enlightened being while having a nice, meditative moment of complete inner peace at the edge of the stage on Roskilde Festival 2010.
Vibs and Liquid slow down before speeding up again at Fusion Festival 2010.
Ouafa and Andreas have a picnic at the Bachstelzen stage at Fusion 2010.
This is what slowing down completely on the dancefloor can look like. Elektronisk Karneval, May 2010.
Lau slows down like you’re supposed to in the middle of a chill out festival. This is The Best Stella Polaris Ever, 2007. When you have checked out Lau, notice the situation on the right.
This is the situation on the right. Masterful “I Haven’t Just Slowed Down but Pulled the Plug Completely” on top of a Stella Artois. 10 out of 10.
Collins slows down, but a little bit less, at Roskilde Festival, 2006.
Three young ravers slow down in camp at Fusion 2009. This was a great camp. But it was also one of my last moments in it, I think. Trancefloor and Turmbühne were calling. Coooooooome toooooooo uuuuuuuuus.
Svingsen slows down in the middle of the birthday dinner before Chriszka’s Birthday Bash at Nadsat, 2005.
Someone slowed down completely backstage at the Kraken party, and Evil Sulu decided to turn it into a Kodak moment. Stengade, 2007.
Slowing down in hammocks next to the Sonnendeck dancefloor at Fusion 2019.

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