How To be a Raver: The Conversationalists

Back in 2016, I had a JUngLEkalender conversation with fellow junglist Sofus about our first many years at raves. And how we always always always had to be the last person standing on the dancefloor. How important that was.

This is a bit of the conversation:

Sofus: “Now, it’s a lot easier for me to leave a party or a rave when I feel tired. But back then, I stayed ’til the last drop of blood – every time . It wasn’t exactly like doing sports, but it was something like it, and you felt super cool and kind of like a cyborg and definitely very future-like!”

“I know exactly what you mean!”
Sofus: “Sometimes I had these inner struggles on the dancefloor where I was really tired and had to sit down for a bit, but I always got up again. I had to stay on the dancefloor until the very end. […]There’s something euphoric about it, the fact that the body can just keep going. It’s a meditative quality, almost shamanistic. All of us doing this tribal dance together. A collective consciousness. You are actually doing it for the community. You don’t just go home, you stay and dance until the end.”

“And afterwards you feel really proud and sore in all your muscles for days and days afterwards.”

Here’s Sofus, doing some shamanistic work at Elektronisk Karneval 2010.

Obviously, when you do important work for the community on the dancefloor, talking to people has to wait.

(That’s what afterparties are for. We talk about this as well. You can read the interview here: Jungle Confessions: I had to stay on the dancefloor until the very end.

Buuuuuut sometimes all your shamanistic movements bring GREAT insights into your brain that you just HAVE to communicate with words to your fellow raver next to you! Immediately!

These snapshots are dedicated to those moments.

Here’s a classic ‘I just had a super important insight’ moment between Kresten and Indy in the middle of the dancefloor at Elektronisk Karneval 2010. You can feel it from all the way out here, on the screen, 12 years later.
And here’s Chriszka clearly sharing a super important insight with Eske at her birthday bash at Nadsat.
Tim and Mrtn share their sudden insights surrounded by ravers at Elektronisk Karneval, 2010.
Casparados, definitely sharing something super important with Breakfast at DNBZone 2006.
Filip from Ticon seems to share something truly profound, according to the look on Pontus’ face. Trancefloor on Fusion, 2014.
Here’s an edge-of-the-dancefloor conversation so deep, Hanzi seems shocked by the camera.
Thomas and Emok share one of their thousand insights – surrounded by dancing ravers at Fusion, 2014.
Ah yes, here he is again: The master of dancefloor conversations, Emok, having another one with Mikkas at Byhaven.

Intermezzo by Dancing Sofus:
“When you’re at a rave with a lot of people you don’t make a lot of conversation – you use your physical body to express your feelings and the sounds in the music. We don’t use our language but the bodies and the rhythm and pulse of the music instead. And you start to recognize eachother when you’ve experienced a thing like that together. You feel connected. There’s a poetry of the body – a compassion and inner knowledge that we’re all in tune with each other. When you get home from the raves, you feel that there has been a bond, that we turned into a tribe. That’s why afterparties are so popular for ravers. It’s hard to let go of that bond. And all the things you didn’t get to say while dancing… You get to say all that at the afterparties.”

Here’s Chriszka and Svingsen after many hours of shamanistic service on the dancefloor, getting to share all the things they didn’t get to say while dancing.
And here’s Kristobal, leaning deep into conversation with Tim Driver.
Ah yes, all the insights. But some people are just chatterboxes. Here are six grown men, all simultaneously stuck in conversations on the dancefloor at the S.U.N. Festival in Hungary, 2014. I had to take a picture of this.
More deep insights shared at S.U.N., 2014.
…..and even more. Many deep understandings of life come to the surface when dancing at +140BPMs.
Many years earlier, 2000F tries to escape a conversation by hiding at the Club Awards at Vega, 2006.
…while Daniel endures a conversation with a polite zoning out. The Club Awards at Vega, 2006.
…and Mathias Mesteno uses a more aggressive approach: The Dominant Conversation.
….and Rune RK just has a phone conversation with the music. Still the Club Awards at Vega, 2006.

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