Monthly Archives: November 2016

Reaching the new audience (and why that’s important)

On  Nvemebr 17th 2016 I did a talk at the Player – Game-seminar at Cinemateket in Copenhagen. The talk was about my work as a gaming journalist, and I managed to squeeze in four (!!!) screenshots from Aztec Challenge (a favourite from he 80s) and three pictures of Nathan Drake (of course) – and several (true) claims that […]

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If you LOVE your keyboard (like I do), this is the game for you

100.000 games fans will get their hands on the newest gem from the Danish game developers Triband this week – if they buy the Humble Monthly. The game is called Keyboard Sports and it’s this month’s Humble Original – available until Friday at midnight. I had A LOT of fun playing this Karate-Kid-meets-keyboard-tribute. The better […]

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