Monthly Archives: July 2016

The new Danish game Inside is a nightmarish masterpiece

I took tons of screenshots while playing the new game Inside by Playdead – the Danish game studio that released Limbo 6 years ago. And there are plenty darker pictures of ominous events that I would like to have posted here and in my review. But they would sort of be spoilers, so I will make […]

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What happens to your brain, your body and your neighbourhood when you play Pokémon Go?

What’s going on with Pokémon Go? Why does everyone love it, kids and parents alike? What happpens to your brain while you’re playing? What’s the connection with CIA? Why is it happening now? Should you be worried or thrilled? I have written an article about the phenomenon in Jyllands-Posten – google translate here: Sensationally popular pocket […]

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