Monthly Archives: April 2014

Looking forward to playing this: Monochroma

This game caught my eye as I was running through the expo floor at Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco last month. I really had to be somewhere (and fast), but the melancholy of the black and white imagery sucked me in. I didn’t have the time to play. but I had the time to […]

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Breaking glass has never felt so good

I don’t normally scream at my phone. Really, I don’t. But this game has me screaming at my phone. It’s so incredibly awesome. Play it. This game falls into the category of Humongous Time Sucks. I mean this in an absolutely positive way, of course. You just have to keep playing and playing and playing. […]

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Ten playful moments at the CounterPlay conference

I had to get up very early in the morning to go to the CounterPlay Conference in Århus. It was the 05.50 train from Copenhagen. Early business. Nevertheless, people were already busy testing games. This was called Skrappe Fingre. Good stuff! Plus I learned some useful things about laser cutters and 3D printers on the […]

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